Volunteers Needed

Nana Amponsah
Posted September 14, 2015 from Ghana

Do you want to acquire new skills? Meet new people? Put your talents and passion to good use? Then you might want to think of volunteering for Guzakuza . Whatever your talent and passion,you have something to do in Guzakuza. All you need is “a can do spirit”.

You can volunteer in many ways: •Become an Ambassador: Spread the word about the work of Guzakuza. You can attract new participants, facilitators, volunteers,investors,partners or potential donors. For example you could help out with design, newsletters, translations, write ups right from the comfort of your home or office etc. Join Us In Ghana • Meet Our Future Agripreneurs: You will meet future Agricultural entrepreneurs from all over Ghana who have the strength and foresight not to pursue mainstream job options. • Our Model Farm: Come and witness the wonders in farming. For example, putting a cassava stem in the soil and after some months uprooting tubers of cassava!how amazing is that? • Our Farmers: Join our small holder farmers on their farms; they have amazing stories to tell and experience to share with you. Learn on the farm. • In Schools: Our awareness campaigns start with children in schools. We do this through dance,theater, music ,story telling and gardening.

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Lisa Anderson
Sep 14, 2015
Sep 14, 2015

Dear Nana,

Thank you for sharing this volunteer leadership opportunity with our community!

Warm regards,