#IAMNOTMYVAGINA / #StoriesOfTruimph

Nancy Handabile
Posted November 11, 2015 from Zambia

Have you ever been sexually abused?

Have you ever been raped?

Where you ever molested, defiled or touched inappropriately?

Does it make you angry, sad, numb?

Does it make you want to scream it out , to tell the world?

Or does it make you ashamed, guilty, nervous, scared?

Do you feel like your silence chokes but you dont know how to talk about it?

Did you hide it from your family?

Have you kept it from your friends, your husband or your wife?

Or do you know ANYONE who has been through this and each day relives their pain?


We are many who live this experience each day.

If you have been through this write to me ANONYMOUSLY or publicly which ever you prefer in your own words your experience and how you cope.

the email to write to is [email protected].

If you know someone please encourage them to write to me.

Talking about it helps not only you but others as well. Through these stories perhaps we can push the state to open trauma centers for survivors of sexual violence.

Please consider it , you could save a life. Remember that you are not alone.

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