Building community level awareness on ending Women's and girl's human right violations in Cameroon, Through the use of Technology.

About Your Initiative

I am passionate about advocacy for the rights of women, and the girl child in Cameroon.

At this level, I hunger to reach as many people as I can. Yet, I do not have the opportunity to be invited I guest to talk to people about the need to people about the need to deconstruct norms and policies that deprive women and girls of their rights. I as well do not have the financial resources to pull people together, (transportation, rental of halls, feeding etc). With these constraints, it occurred to me that human women's rights violation occurs around the world, though it might vary based on the form, type time and context.

I also realised that the internet is gradually becoming the next biggest continent. To pass across my message, I started by sharing some quotes on Facebook, then later created my Facebook page ( and I own and run the blog On my Facebook page, I started by sharing a few of my community activities. To me this wasn't fulfilling.

The next thing I tried was hosting live Facebook programs but I had some main challenges. Lack of access to data, lack of stable internet connection, and lack of the skill to moderate live sessions. From here I moved to attaching my image to some quotes. I noticed images quickly catch the attention of people, and they can read the text in the process. To do this, I learnt using the app Canva. I still find it getting the best templates since the best templates do cost some money I can't afford now.

My plan is should I get and own a laptop of my own, I will pay for, and start with graphics design lessons (image, poster and flyer design, video and audio editing) However, for now on my page I reach an average of 1300 persons with awareness raising messages of women's and girl's rights, especially gender based violence. I as well post these flyers I design with Canva on my WhatsApp status, reaching at least 200 persons in 24 hours. The feedback is usually great, and this pushes me to work more.

Through this, the impact will reach:

- Men and boys: These set of persons though violated too are most often the perpetrators of gender based violence. Now, making them to see how mad the action is, remains important. Converting some of these men, from perpetrators to advocates for women's and girl's rights remains my greatest desire.

- Women and Girls: some times, even when some women are deprived of their rights, they are still not aware, and in effect, they can't break the silence and seek justice.

- Policy makers: policy makers have to understand the effect of violation of women's rights to every sector of the economy. I think through technology, this can be realized.

Who is being impacted by my initiative?

girls and boys from Cameroon

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