Breaking the Stereotypes

Naseem shaikh
Posted September 12, 2019 from India

Vinita Kole from Pangao village in Barshi  breaking the stereotypical thinking of people around developed her business idea producing  healthy options of beverages for everyone to enjoy

Women in villages doesn’t suffer only because of lack of money or access to education .one of the major obstacle in their growth is also the mindset of the society around which believes  that women are less capable when it comes to business sense or decision making .Continuously exposed to such thinking in house make them believe that its true .So if any women tries to break this stereotypes she is bound to face opposition ,but some women stand rock solid and  pee-sue  their chosen path till they get success and emerge as change maker and motivating women nearby to take charge of their own lives.VinitaKolhe of Pangao village of Barshi block is a real example of this. EarlierVinitatai was occupied with her household but constantly thinking to do something more fruitfull to make her own mark and get some financial freedom as well.She started making ice candy  at her home. she use to make it fresh and sell so obviously getting a good response since it is liked by kids and adults as well . Eatables like ice creams ice candies need special storage that increases   transportation cost so are available in limited quantities specially in shops in villages since they bring it from nearby cities. Since Vinita tai was making it fresh and transportation cost was saved she could sell it at a very reasonable price which was appreciated by customers.

The Turning Point:Though she was doing good she was not keeping much records and profit loss analysis and bulk manufacturing possibilities since she was unaware about the standard business practices.

Then through CRP of Swayam Shikshan Prayog (SSP) she came to know about the different programs which help women like her to take their business and ahead.

She had training of WELI (Women Entrepreneurship and Leadership Initiative)by SSPand that changed everything.She got through knowledge about how to handle an Enterprise How to  record maintain records and analyze them.She also learned about the value addition process in her products during training

 Overall development.This helped Vinitatai access her small enterprise she realized that if she can make multiple products in similar categories like ice-cream ,lassi it will give her more consumers and depending upon season bulk manufacturing can give her better profits. She decided to take financial help and procured a loan from CEF. Through her daily observation she could make out customers liking and their choices of taste. She decided to open an Ice-cream shop .She opened one and introduced different products like lassii, candies and ice-creams. Since there was no other shop in the vicinity Vinitatai got a very good response.   The training program has helped her a lot .Now she maintains proper records accesses them to find total profit also she figure out profit earned by each products as well. She could break the stereotype thinking succeeding through dedication and determination.



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Hello, sister Naseem,

This is such a great writeup about Vinita and the women in India. Please submit this as an entry to the Call for Stories for India. Here's the link

Thank you for sharing!

Thank you for sharing.

Sep 12
Sep 12

Dear Naseem,
Thanks you for sharing this informative article. It's amazing! I can't agree with you less. The mind step up is most important to our achievement. And that is also through how we are brought up.

As well also in business all these points that you outline are also important to have a successful business. I hope your project will help them realized these important factors.
Have a good weekend.

Jill Langhus
Sep 13
Sep 13

Hi Naseem,

How are you doing, dear? Thanks for sharing Vinita's very inspiring story. Is SSP your organization, or are you a co-founder of it? Perhaps Vinita would like to join World Pulse, too!? :-) We would love to have her here.

Hope you're having a great Friday, and hope you have a great weekend, too!

Sep 17
Sep 17

Dear Naseem,
Thank you for sharing a good example of women's initiative in business and proving that women can do better in enterprises. We hope to have Vinita in this platform and get benefited by her experience too.
best regards, anjana

Sep 29
Sep 29

Hi Nassem,
Thank you for sharing about women who are into business. I hope that more women in your community will benefit of the training provided by WELI. So that more business will take place.

Evelyn Chioma Joseph

I absolutely agree with you.
Women should be empowered to break stereotypes holding them bound.
The culture and traditional beliefs has kept women bound long enough.
We need to be our each other support mechine.
Thanks so much for sharing this important mind blowing topic.

Anita Shrestha
Oct 07
Oct 07

Thank you for sharing

Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi

Dear Naseem,
Thank you so much for sharing your story. Looking forward to many more of your stories.
Have a blessed day.

Qurratulayn Khan
Oct 10
Oct 10

Hi dear,
Thank you for sharing women work in business, have a good day.