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About Me

Photography renders life solemnly still. Moments captured through endless reels of film can be channeled for social documentation and can be transformed as a medium for awareness. This type of discourse creates a platform to inhibit social change. I further believe with full affirmation that the very essence that binds ideas to actions and solutions to problems that plagues humanity are the personal biographies and stories of everyday lives.

This is what my life entails. The chaotic calamities of this world seeps through my pores and it leaves me breathless.

Breathless and overwhelmed but driven and determined to find sustainable solutions.

I feel like my journey has just begun. I live to grow, read and discover and apply my knowledge the best way that i can find possible.

Currently in between moments, I escape in books, sing and play the piano, will take your picture when your not looking and enjoy the smell of rain. Student, activist, collector of buttons, I believe that we are the voices of tomorrow that will be the change we need today because we will not let injustice and inequalities pass us by. Traveling, Piano, Writing, Photography, Reading, Singing, Languages, People, Places and Things, Culinary Adventures, Activism international development, sexual and reproductive health, poverty alleviation, global health, gendered base violence