Why I Believe In You...

Posted March 11, 2016 from Netherlands

Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary day, an inspiring story creates a ripple effect that inspires and motivates others.

When I look at the stories you courageous women share in this community, I am beyond amazed.

I'm amazed to see how you are ready to open up and be vulnerable when you share your story.

I am amazed, because you have the courage to stand up for what you believe in.

It's amazing to see how your story, your life experience, is making a difference in someone else's life.

As a storytelling coach and speaker coach this ignites my fire. It warms my heart to see how you collaborate and impact other women's lives. People can learn so much from you!

I would like to say I'm so incredibly proud of you, but I don't want to sound condescending.

I would like to applaud you, but you can't hear me.

I would like to give you a hug, but I'm too far away.

I wholeheartedly believe in the power of storytelling, and I am convinced that this is the purest form of motivating and inspiring others.

I believe in your whispers of the soul, that deserve an audience that are ready to listen to what you have to say.

I also believe in the healing power of storytelling. Sharing your story helps you heal, as you learn how to distance yourself from the experience when you raise your voice and speak up.

More importantly...I believe... in you.

Your drive to make a change is an example for those who are looking for answers. Your personal stories go beyond borders. Your faith restores other people's faith.

I log in on Worldpulse and my heart smiles. Your stories feed my soul. They empower me. They motivate me. And I thank you for that.

You're part of not just any community. You are part of a movement. You are LEGEND! It's time to get the word out!

Warm regards,


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Mar 11, 2016
Mar 11, 2016

This is awesome - thanks Natasja!


Mar 11, 2016
Mar 11, 2016

Wow This is great. I love when you say that 'Your faith ignites other peoples faith'. Indeed the one unique opportunity WP has given us is to share our stories on WP journals. For me it has been an expirience that has transformed me. Let's share our stories and together change the world.

Tamarack Verrall
Mar 14, 2016
Mar 14, 2016

I so strongly agree with everything you have said here so beautifully and so poetically. It is so closely the experience I have had, and continue to have as I continue to read. I love this part: "You're part of not just any community. You are part of a movement. You are LEGEND!". I have never experienced anything close to what is happening here within Worldpulse. I am so grateful.  

Aliya Bashir
Mar 20, 2016
Mar 20, 2016

Dear Natasja!

What an isnpiration!

Your words are powerful!

Thank you so much for putting forward your emotions in the poetic form!

The power of storytelling is undoubtely incredible and heals.

Thank you sister.

A huge welcome in the leadership group.

Take care!  

Anne Dupont
Mar 22, 2016
Mar 22, 2016


This is so beautifully said!  I especially loved the part where you said "your personal stories go beyond borders, your faith restores others faith."  I am new to the WP Community, but feel inspired each time I log on.  I am conscious of the impact each one of us has when we share our thoughts, experiences and stories.  We are each like a pebble in the pond. . . The ripples are far reaching, whether we know it or not.



Mar 23, 2016
Mar 23, 2016

Hi Natasja,what a wonderful write up! indeed am what iam today with the help of worldpulse .It was the stories i read in worldpulse that ignite my passion for NGO.Worldpulse has been a wonderful community.


Jane Kalu

Mar 24, 2016
Mar 24, 2016

Thank you for the kind words, ladies. I love reading your comments and I'm so glad my post inspired you. Thank you!