Stories Break Silence: Turn The Ordinary Into Extraordinary

Posted March 23, 2016 from Netherlands

Stories break silence.... I never knew what to think of that phrase. I always believed someone ought to be lucky to be chosen to tell their story, and it was up to the world to decide if whatever is going on in that person's life, is worthy enough sharing.

I thought only extraordinary people got a chance to make a difference in the world, but ordinary voices got lost in vain. No one heard their voices. No one seemed to care.

And then there was Facebook, Instagram, World Pulse....

Now, everyone gets to have a voice!

Isn't it amazing to see how to world is slowly changing? How the world is ready to listen? How people just want to truly connect with other people? How the ordinary becomes extraordinary?

Why the heck did it take us so long to realize that THIS is what we wanted along?

Sure, Google is awesome! Sure, the internet is an effective way to advertise your products and services. For those in business: it was fun while it lasted.

But....times change.

People want backstage passes. People love real life soap operas. We want to know, and more importantly, FEEL what is happening in the world. We need that emotional connection to understand, to relate, to connect. We want to feel like we belong. It's always been like that. It's human nature. Yet, we were too busy to see it.

The power of storytelling unites us.

Big brands are catching up to this "new phenomena" as well. They don't always use it appropriately, but they understand that people like doing business with people. Not ATM's.

Think about how NIKE is not just selling sneakers, but a way to excell. Just do it!

Coca Cola is not just selling sodas, they are selling hapiness.

Canon is not just selling equipment, they sell the opportunity to create and share. Yes, you can!

Storytelling is here to stay.

People around the world gather and find a safe haven, like World Pulse, to raise their voice and spread their message. Lives are finally acknowledged. Photos, videos, and blog posts now have the potential to impact the world.

All of the sudden the ordinary becomes extraordinary...all by itself. All it takes is having the courage to stand up for yourself. To speak up, and share your awesomeness.

I know it's not easy for each and every one of us. The fear of facing the consequences when you start sharing is real to some of you.

Raising your voice can be scary. Being vulnerable can be frightening. I understand your fears can hold you back. I would like to give you to gift of courage to face your fears and do it anyway, if I could.

Stories break silence. Only you hold the power to turn the ordinary into extraordinary. Your voice deserves to be heard. Your message is too important NOT to share.

All I can do is hope that somehow, in some way this post inspires you to just do it, because yes! You can!

I promise you....we are ready to listen. We are ready to support you. We are ready to encourage you. We are here for you.



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Soumya Vilekar
Mar 25, 2016
Mar 25, 2016

Dear Natasja,

What a wonderful piece and way of sharing stories and speaking your voice. YOu aptly said, people sell dreams, connect and share happiness with people thorugh stories. what power we have in words an teh stories formed out of them. Iam happy to find this platform to be one of such to share stories to unite and aware , breaking the silence.



Mar 31, 2016
Mar 31, 2016

Thank you Soumya!

people sell dreams, connect and share happiness with people through stories. I love how you interpreted that. A powerful phrase I will surely remember.  Thanks!