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About Me

I believe that women do not let themselves grieve enough, or they do not let themselves grieve at all. They feel they need to be strong for their families, or it may be that it is not acceptable to grieve out loud.

At 42 I was widowed and my counsellor said I was a 'text book griever'. This just meant that I went through the grief wheel the way they expected people to, but we know we are not all the same. Over the last four years I have let myself grieve when I need to and not let others tell me otherwise. This is something we will never get over fully, but each day is another step in the healing process.

I am hoping through my own experience and my coaching, I can help other women by lending space to listen. I do realize grief is not just about losing a spouse, and am here for anyone that has suffered grief in other ways.

My Vision

My vision is to let women have their time and space to talk about their grief journey.


I would love to hear from any women here that are on a grief journey and would like a safe place to tell their storey.


I'm a coach who with my own grief experience, I can help you through your grief journey. Creating a safe space to talk.


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