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About Me

I am twenty four years old (just one more month to get there!), female with an infectious smile. I am passionate about women's rights, women's issues, women's problems, women's long as it affects women, it affects me. I study law at the University of Nairobi and my keen area is on Women in the Legal Process (not a surprise by now) as well as International Humanitarian Law.....because women tend to suffer most in armed conflicts.

I also love writing and poetry (open mic more specifically). When I am not working, I am either reading, writing (poetry and fiction) or on World Pulse :). I believe in Change and draw inspiration from Mahatma Karamchand Ghandi who said I should become the change I want to see.

I am also a volunteer in the Humanist Movement and love helping out with kids.

I work during the day, attend class in the evening and have fun during the weekends.......all that is me.
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My Vision

Equality and equity