Sexual exploitation stops with you.

Nayiga Faridah
Posted April 25, 2018 from Uganda

Faith is an 18year old girl that I met when I moved to Entebbe. She is a good person, disciplined, polite and knows her way around people. She lives with her dad and step-mom.

Her mother left when she was five, since then she has lived with her dad. They are not well off. They have lived in poverty as long as she can remember. One time she let me in on her life, she has been having problems with her father. Her dad has always been trying to make her have sex with him. He had gone to a traditional doctor who had told him, if he were to become rich, he needed to have sex with her daughter!! 

The father has always been pestering her. She had once gathered courage to tell her pastor, but he didn't believe her, she was just a kid, only 14years of age. By the time she told me, she was 17 years. I asked her about her stepmother, she never believed her. 

I got to talk to Faith's teacher. He helped me get her and we went to file a complaint about the father. The police got to talk to him. She was very scared, she always lived in fear of being raped by her own father. But thank God, ever since the cops talked to the father, he changed. He apologized to her daughter and now he even pays her tuition. Even though now things are not well, she no longer leaves in fear. 

If Faith had not come out to talk, she would have had a rough life. So girls out there, be like Faith, speak out if you are going through the same experience. Be brave, fight for your lives. 



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Apr 26, 2018
Apr 26, 2018

Thanks so much for taking a decisive action. Speaking out is the best. I'm happy for your support. May you be blessed. Ameen