Giving hope to the girl child

Prayer Nwagboso Ikegwuonu
Posted June 28, 2021 from Nigeria
Kelechi, her brother and I
Kelechi, her brother and I (1/2)

When I met Kelechi Davidson and her brother in 2019, She wasn't going to school.


Each time she saw her fellow kids back from school, or going to school she would always cry, and plead with her mom to take her to school. She really wanted education, but her background wasn't making it easy on her.


The mom who is a petty trader, with little or nothing she makes from her business, was only able to send Kelechi's Elder brother to school. She kept telling her daughter that one day she will go to school. 


Kelechi's mom who is also a single mom with three little children, has been finding it very difficult to take care of her kids and also feed.


In September 2019, one of the partners (Pastor Onyeka Ogwu), in the NGO reached out to me about he's interested in SUPPORTING a number of kids back to school that term.


I was so excited because it was an answered prayer. I quickly picked  Kelechi and two other girls as beneficiaries. 




​​​My goal is to keep giving hope to the girl child, SUPPORTING her to bring her dreams to reality.n


Since then my team and I have been Supporting not just Kelechi back to school but also feeding, clothing and taking care of her family and other girl childs.child


It's been such a great privilege for me seeing Kelechi doing excellently well in her academics.


I'll keep you all updated on Kelechi and other girls.


I believe that girls education is now it can't wait.


Join me add more value to humanity especially the girl child.

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Tamarack Verrall
Jun 28
Jun 28

Dear Sister,
What a beautiful story, beautiful work. There is no excuse for any of the governments of the world to allow this treatment of anyone. What a change thanks to you, the NGO, and to any NGO who is making school possible.

Thank you so much lovely for your beautiful words of encouragement.

Sadly the government of some African countries are not even concerned about giving free quality education to their citizens but as dedicated NGO workers/humanitarians, we will keep doing our own part.

Thank you once more sis .

Love always

Jun 29
Jun 29

Dear sister,
Thank you bringing to us Kelechi Davidson's story. We need women like you who highlight such important issues.
More power to you!

Awwww my Lovely sis
Thank you so much for appreciation the good work I do.

I love you

Sarah Sim Joseph
Jun 29
Jun 29

Dear sister,
I am in love with your story. So happy for Kelechi.
God bless the Pastor that came your way as an answered prayer.
Keep it up!

Awwww lovely
Thank you so much for your support and love.

You are amazing

God bless you too darling

Jun 30
Jun 30

Thank you for sharing. This is very encouraging and inspiring story. Everyone should have equal opportunities to attend education.
Please try your best to help more!
May Almighty God bless you all!

Jun 30
Jun 30

Hello sister. Beautiful story, beautiful heart and beautiful little Kelechi! I am so, so happy that this child was given an opportunity to go to school. A life is changed because somebody cared and we praise God for this miracle. Thank you for reaching out and for giving her hope and for reviving her spirit. Well done!

Beth Lacey
Jul 01
Jul 01

This is such joyful news! You are a very kind woman to help these children

Laetitia Shindano
Jul 05
Jul 05

Bonjour chère sœur,
C'est triste d'entendre que certains enfants sont exclus à la scolarité et pourquoi? L’éducation des enfants sous entendue instruction et scolarité est droit garanti.
Merci de continuer à soutenir les enfants exclus à la scolarité.