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About Me

Growing up as a woman in a remote village of Chitral, I was only confined to single stories. The stories which defined Chitrali women were terribly based on how well we confirm with the societal expectations and entitled with the well behaved girls. I thought, that definition was the only thing which mattered but who knew those expectations would be hamper in my goals later in my life. My first encounter with my freedom and the societal expectation came when I got into university in Pakistan and expected to cover up my face which I never chose. From there on my journey to AUW and afterwards, I met a transformed version of myself colored with exposure to diversity which brought along numerous stories.

My Vision

My vision is to work for women empowerment and to highlight the difficulties we encounter on daily basis!


I have good command on creative writing. I am learning documentary making. Reciting monologues or slam poetry, performative art and singing


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