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About Me

Dana is passionate about world issues and has been writing poetry since she was 15. As the daughter of a World War I pilot who later served in World War II, historical themes often occur in her work. Her poem, “Sepia,” relates her emotional response to her father’s World War I experience.
Dana’s first chapbook, “Stepping Stones,” came out in 2014 and she is currently at work on another chapbook about dance. Her work has been published in the Eno River Review, County Lines, local newspapers, Writing for the Prose, Fox Adoption Magazine, The Guardian, and the website, “World Pulse.”
She was a teacher and counselor for 20 years.
She draws inspiration from poets Mary Oliver and William Stafford, and the city of Durham, North Carolina, where she lives.

My Vision

I'm concerned about this country's present administration and the recent appointment of a new CDC director.


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