Improving Education in Zambia A Priority

Posted March 1, 2021 from Zambia
Improving Education in Zambia A Priority

Hello Family, I believe we are all in good health. I’d like to share my story with you, and hopefully it will inspire & encourage you to do better. 


We all dream about stumbling onto that perfect job posting, one that combines our skills, interests, and expertise into one ideal position. But even if you combed through all of the three billion job listings posted at any given moment, you still might not come across this job. What happens when You Realize You’ll Never Get Your Dream Job?


This was my case all my life. I’ve always wanted to be a mechanical engineer but the odds were against me. Due to financial difficulties I settled for a bachelors Degree in Forestry under government sponsorship program. I never liked my field of study and in my first year it affected my grades. Then I met some young man who later became my closest friend who would encourage me to do better despite the stigma. Later I was awarded a scholarship to study in Israel to further my studies. The lessons learnt and experience gave me the zeal to do better.


Back in Zambia my friend and I started a non profit organization called passion for greens. An environmental organization adept at fostering environmental protection. As well as teaching practices children skills to innovate even with limited resources. He went ahead and started a company art for climate Zambia which specializes in waste recycling. And I started my start up tech company. 


 Just as Parents teach their children morals, etiquette, religion, sports, cooking, riding a bicycle, reading, writing, math, discipline, safety, driving a car...the list goes on and on. What if we could teach children the life-long ability to innovate? What a gift indeed. Can children learn systematic creativity at such an early age? Absolutely. That is my motivation to represent the region and my country Zambia.


Our company, NetaGrow, was born out of this hope for a better future. Our aim is to create a platform that gives everyone the skills to develop their own problem solving products and that by teaching people the skills of design, coding and electronics; we can empower them to build a better tomorrow.


Taking the risk of taking the initiative, rather than waiting for a call is a good start. If there’s something I’ve learnt in the past few years is that Never wait for opportunity. Create it. 

Your success lies in your own hands. You must therefore not wait for the grass to become greener by magic. You have the hands to irrigate your own territory by doing what is expected of you. 

It took me a while to realise it but when I did, I worked hard for it. With limited resources & I’d signup for free online lessons. Here I am now, with a startup tech company That is specialised in  Professional, scientific and technical Activities which include research and experimental development on natural sciences and engineering. 


Don't wait for what you don't have. Use what you have, begin now and what you don't even expect will come alongside with excess of what you expect. Go, make it happen. It's called entrepreneurSHIP, not entrepreneurSTAY. Don't wait. Just ship.

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Mar 01
Mar 01

Wow! So inspiring. Welcome to World Pulse!! Super glad to have yet another innovative mind here. I like your zeal and wake-up call. Could you share your website address please? These salient truths are not only teachable in Zambia, but globally as well. "Never wait for opportunity. Create it.'' Indeed, there are many motivational lines in this piece. Of course, the environment or mother nature nurtures us and we should be kind to her. Happy about your friend's passion.

Do keep writing and shining. We'll love to know more about you and read more from you. Hearty congratulations on your first post, Nchimunya.

Best wishes,
E. J.
Mar 01
Mar 01

Dear Nchimunya.
This is certainly an encouraging inspiration. Bravo to you and welcome to World Pulse. Please make yourself at home. Feel free to say anything that's on your mind. Do share. You will be heard, encouraged and appreciated.
Most of my life I never created a dream job in my head. But I've always had concise interests. I was always open to do what I enjoyed. And I have been blessed and granted that opportunity in life, always to do what I enjoy. It is important to be skilled, and to re-educate oneself constantly. It's an absolute must to prepare, to be able to say "yes" to a journey that you have access to. I prepare for journeys, not jobs. The dream job is too limiting and narrow in concept for me. Because we grow. And the journey offers far beyond your dreams or scope from where you originally stand. I have been fortunate enough to always do what I enjoy, and meet great people, and learn lots along the way, beyond what I could possibly ever dream.
I have worked worldwide in fashion and textile design. I have lived coast to coast. And I continue to have interesting experiences. What has worked for me is always to have gas in the tank, money in the pocket, eyes open, ear to the street, finger on the pulse, clarity of interest, be updated and up to speed on the latest and greatest in the field, and be prepared to jump on and ride like hell when the opportunity presents itself, whether you initiate it, or it finds ready. (Pardon my metaphors. I love horses).
I started my life's interests as a very young child. Age 5. Children are like sponges, and need early training in survival. How to handle money, make purchases, organize life. They are capable. I wish adults would evolve to trust that children's skills and interests can be developed and nurtured so early and end up being a great harvest for a nation. The evolution of mankind depends on it.
It's been nice chatting with you brother. I enjoyed the cake, the coffee and the conversation.

Hello, Nchimunya,

Welcome to World Pulse! We are delighted to see a new voice from Zambia rising up!

This is such an inspiring story. It's important to teach children to innovate. Wow, you are training them well. Thank you for your motivational message as well. It's true that we can use whatever resources we have at the moment. In community development, we have a saying, "Start with what you know. Build on what you have."

We look forward to reading more updates from you. Welcome to our growing global community!

Mar 04
Mar 04

Wow wow wow... With such an inspiring story you certainly can reach young ones who can take it as inspiration to better their lives. More grace

Mar 15
Mar 15

Dear Nchimunya,

Thank you very much for this inspiring story. It is very good to read a good story from Africa because there is a tendency to read about doom and gloom!

You are a talented and enterprising young man with a wonderful attitude because you are not waiting for a saviour, instead, you are telling the young people in your community to be their own saviours!

I'm very proud of you and of what you have achieved to date. I am sure you are not regretting not getting into engineering, are you? God had another plan for your life!

Zambia needs many more young men like you, and my hope for you is that you will train many more young men and women to become entrepreneurs in their own right.
More power to you! All the best.

Mar 26
Mar 26

Wow, you know they say everything in our life happens for a reason. So happy to read about your journey. Wishing you all the best

Laetitia Shindano
Mar 31
Mar 31

Cher Andrace,
Merci pour le partage de ce bel exemple de courage pour les jeunes.
A te lire bientot.