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About Me

I am a Human right activist by nature, I believe in speaking for the less privileged , the voiceless those that cannot communicate the way I can they have no access to the internet like me. I speak for those that are not able to face the heavy weights in society, those deprived of necessities to make them survive. I am a caregiver to the sick. I draw my strength from the illness of my son David. He is 14 years old and has been epileptic since childhood he has autism. I speak to mothers that hide their mentally challenged children to bring them out and let them go to school learn a skill, because life is vanity, we will not live forever and our children should learn to fend for themselves at one point in life.

My Vision

My vision to make the voiceless have a sense of belonging


Financial support and medical support.


I can lobby for the voiceless to the powers that be. I am fearless when it comes to protecting the underpriviledged


Education EqualityGender-based ViolenceEmpowering GirlsHuman Rights for WomenWomen in Leadership