Join the movement in Building Resilience For women affected by the Crisis in the NorthWest and Southwest Region Of Cameroon

Ndokouh Blessing Njang
Posted April 12, 2021 from Cameroon
The strong woman T-shirt brand
The strong woman T-shirt brand (1/2)

|The strong woman|

The strong woman brand is unique clothing line aimed at building resilience for woman, especially those women who are going through a lot trying to balance life (family, business, career) this is a trumpet to say, Don't give up, be strong!

When we talk of resilience we mean the ability to withstand adversity and bounce back from difficult life events. Being resilient does not mean that people don't experience stress, emotional upheaval, and suffering, or setbacks but that they experience all of this yet, they remain strong.

The southwest and Northwest region of Cameroon has been greatly impacted by the crisis, so much so that some women are finding it difficult to pick up from where the situation has left them, and you know without the Woman there is no society.

Income generated from the sales of the strong woman unique brand will be used in providing material,cash and psychosocial support to those women who are critically affected by the conflict especially those who have lost their source of livelihood due to displacement,their husbands and family members etc.

To join this by promoting the strong woman brand as where as advising a sister on how to actually promote and monetize the brand.

Women Empowering Women in sisterhood 

Blessings and love




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Nini Mappo
Apr 12
Apr 12

Wow what an absolutely brilliant idea. It's like a tshirt that gives strength to women through empowerment! Good on you, and all the best for this wonderful initiative.

Honorine Ngenwi
Apr 12
Apr 12

Hi you are actually right and so many women our now struggling to make ends meet in the northwest and southwest regions of Cameroon. It really high time we shout it out. May the good God bless you sister.

Apr 13
Apr 13

Thank you for sharing. The design is awesome. The campaign is meaning.
Hope there is good revenue generated from the sales of the garments.
May Almighty God bless you all!