How World Pulse Has Helped me Create Impact

Ndueso Young
Posted November 10, 2019 from Nigeria

About 3-4 years back, I came across a post with a caption that talked about being a World Pulse Ambassador. Someone actually shared it with excitement stating how pleased she is to be recognized as an Ambassador of World Pulse having told her stories. I’d clicked on the link, simply read the inspiring, interesting story and surfed away. 

This year in the month of May, I came across a post link from World Pulse that was shared on Facebook with focus on Menstrual Health and immediately I was so drawn to reading the post considering the fact that I was planning a Menstrual Health and Personal Hygiene Sensitization for Girls in High School and wanted to donate free sanitary pads to spice it up. I’d already termed it- “PAD FOR GIRLS PROJECT.”

After reading the post, I stayed on the page reading other stories from women from different parts of the world narrating their first period experience. The stories were all so descriptive, interesting, inspiring, yet others that revealed certain cultural biases and negative practices against girls and women during their periods were quite revealing, unbelievable and saddening. But what stood out were all the encouraging statements and unconditional positive responses from one person to another on their story; they were simply uplifting. So boom, right there, I wanted to write my story about my first period too. 

I took a step; created an account, signed up as a member on World Pulse, shared my first period story!.

Afterwards, I felt like sharing this story gave me all the enthusiasm and energy that I needed to create more publicity for the project I wanted to execute. I reached out to more people; sent emails, texts, made calls, made posts on social media all in bid to raise fund in order to donate free sanitary pads that can last school girls for at least three months.

June this year, few weeks away from May, I was able to carry out that project reaching about 160 school girls with free sanitary pads. 

Thus, I consider the stories that were shared on World Pulse major catalysts that led to the success of this project. 

World Pulse has inspired me as a platform that amplifies the voices of girls and women, represents hope for the next generation as well as foster growth and togetherness for all. 


This story was submitted in response to #OurImpact.

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Hello, dear Ndueso,

Wow! This is such a beautiful story on how you found out about World Pulse, and what drew you to sign up and share your story! Congratulations on your project this year. 160 schools girls is a huge impact already.

I love this so much, "But what stood out were all the encouraging statements and unconditional positive responses from one person to another on their story; they were simply uplifting. So boom, right there, I wanted to write my story about my first period too. "

This is an encouragement to all of us encouragers. Thank you for writing this post. It made my day.

Have a great day!

Ndueso Young
Nov 11
Nov 11

Thank you for your response, Karen.

Jill Langhus
Nov 11
Nov 11

Hello Dear Ndueso,

How are you doing, dear? Thanks for sharing your impressive, and inspiring impact story with us, and for letting us know how the forum and your sisters have impacted you and your work... very cool:-) I hope you keep up your great work and helping to empower more girls and women.

Please note, that you will want to use the back arrow, when responding to commentators feedback, so that they will receive an automated email notification alerting them to your response back to their comment, otherwise they won't know you have responded:-)

Hope you're doing well, and having a great day!

Nov 11
Nov 11

Yea,you can say that again. Thank you for using that great opportunity am glad you did,keep the good work going,world pulse is really doing so much helping and giving voices to women.

Anita Shrestha
Nov 11
Nov 11

Dear Sister
Really you are doing great so impact seen good. Plz keep it continue dear without tiresless effort as earth

Beth Lacey
Nov 12
Nov 12

We are all so happy that we are in this sisterhood together

Usha K.C.
Nov 14
Nov 14

Dear Ndueso,
good to know that you have been inspired ,motivated and empowered by World Pulse. Yes , World pulse has empowered so many women/ girls like me and you in many ways.
Am happy you have successfully done your project to distribute pad to school girls.
you have done good work dear. keep this on and dont forget to share.


thank you Ndueso for that Impact. it is a continuous process do not be discouraged. Ride on in what you do we will surely get there