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Posted May 13, 2013 from India

Just yesterday the world celebrated the Mother's Day. The social networking sites, radios and television channels were bombarding us with emssages and advertisements. Sadly the women for whom this day should matter, to those millions who toil everyday, give uncomprimising and non-demanding any returns love, who are voiceless and disconnected from the large world, they were yet again deprived of these messages.

The toiling woman, a mother, who needs love and attention on atleast this one day was yet again in the dark about the whole marketing and hype. She went about doing her work the way she has been used to. Unattended to, working hard from early hours, may be even pre-dawn. I love my mother and she wasn't here, as she is visiting my sister in US. It also happened to be her birthday. So far, and yet i feel connected and close. The other women who are our mothers, sisters and daughters and who need more affection are the ones who's stories we need to hear more. And that is exsactly what you my friends and sisters are doing.

Your efforts won't go waste. These lonely voices of our friends from every remote corner of the world we have to hear and take to the world outside.

Let's sustain it.


Girls Transform the World 2013

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May 27, 2013
May 27, 2013

Dear Neetak,

You bring up a very good point here, and we must continue to try to connect all women with each other, through networks such as these, and also through our voices and our actions, spinning a community of power in which each mother feels recognized and cherished. With women like yourself to keep us honest and on track, and with resolution and faith, I think we are on our way.