Dehumanizing Violence - "It Starts with Me"

Netsai Nomhle
Posted August 14, 2015 from Canada

Faces of violence have indeed evolved and not for the betterI’d often hear“If you see the man, you’d never think his the kind of man that would abuse his wife” or if you see the woman, you’d think she’s not the type to be abused”.For so long I thought you’d have to be a certain type of man, to be labeled as abusive or you had to be a certain kind of woman to be a victim. We stereotyped violence. We gave “Violence” a face, almost humanizing it. The aggressor, had to be male, chauvinistic , controlling, the list is endless. The victim had to be a woman, who was insecure, no sense of being and had no voice. We somehow set a standard of how the victim should be. Though, there’s now an uprising to “Stop Violence” around the globe, we can’t lose sight that the face of violence has indeed changed.

"The victim or the aggressor could be you or me" .

Violence sometimes goes unchecked because we gave it a face or a type. We need a movement to dehumanize violence.Violence has no type, has no face, it just is. It can exist in the goodlooking, educated, well spoken, well placed in life man or woman and that girl or boy who comes from an affluent family could be a victim. Violence does not only breed in poverty stricken areas or in men or women with security or controlling issues. Violence cannot be labeled with a face or type, for then, it will go unchecked. "We humanized it and gave it a face, aggressor or victim"

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Sherna Alexander Benjamin
Mar 22, 2016
Mar 22, 2016

Dear Netsai, 

You are so correct Violence does not have a face, we need to be the voices for the victims of violence, we need to share their stories and we need to hold the perpetrator accountable for his or her acts of violence and abuse.

The GBV community would love to hear more from you, let us know what is happening in your region, what are you doing to to help those who are affected by violence?

We look forward to hearing your voice and reading your words.


Community Champinion