“Slap her": children's reactions

Netsai Nomhle
Posted November 30, 2015 from Canada

Our sons, brothers, husbands were once boys before being men. At what point of their living do they rationalize being heard by using their weapon of choice towards a woman? Brought into this world by a woman,nurturedand raised by awoman, how did that boynormalizeviolence towardsa woman when he became a man? We are agenerationof labels and have excusedevery type ofbehaviorknown to man and increating these labels we have in our own rightnormalizedviolenceand is now a condition. The journey of victim and aggressor though different is one path.

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Pushpa Achanta
Dec 05, 2015
Dec 05, 2015

Hello Netsai,

These are important questions which we must keep raising and addressing. Continue writing.



Dec 07, 2015
Dec 07, 2015

Hi Netsai,

Thank you for sharing this beautiful video. I particularly liked the responses that the boys gave of why they didn't want to hit her: "I don't believe in violence." I wonder if in the making of this video there were boys who chose to hit her, but the directors didn't show it. What sort of impact do you think that would have on the audience?

My husband is Italian, and we have talked a lot about domestic violence in Italy and how common it is in the country. We've also talked about how little support there is for women in Italy if they need to escape from violence. It is so important to teach boys to respect women like this video shows. Maybe one day we can overthrow the status quo.

Warm wishes,


Claudia Ashah
Jan 15, 2016
Jan 15, 2016


That video brought tears to my eyes....how the world would be different if we all had a child's kind of a heart!

Thank you!