16 days Activism 2019 in Buea.

Posted January 3, 2020 from Cameroon
Matching at Molyko
Day of Joy for GBV
Sensitization on Gender Based Violence
Sensitization on Gender Based Violence: Group Picture (1/1)

Final day of 16 days of Activism was really the best as we match through the streets of Molyko chanting songs of no to rape and No to Gender Based Violence. 

 We were closed to 15 NGOs that participated and we finally stop at the Molyko Omisport Stadium where we took group pictures and continue the day with a round table discussion at Pan African institute to provide solutions to the so many cases we have and to increase response to Gender Based Violence. 

Survivors were told to speak out and not be ashamed of anything for they are not to be blame. 





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Jan 03
Jan 03

Hi Ernest,
Wow wow, I like the way you are oranging the place haha. What a uniform presentation, amazing.
I could see it was really joy for you people this day haha. Thanks very much for sharing to inspired.
Have a great day.

Anita Shrestha
Jan 05
Jan 05

Dear Brother
You are doing great. Please do more and more and share more more more to us

Jan 06
Jan 06

Great effort there Ernest and thanks for standing against any form of violence by oranging the community. Thanks for shearing.

Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi

Hi Ernest,
Thank you for your post. Thank you for fighting gender based violence. We need more men like you in this struggle.
Have a lovely day.

Jan 18
Jan 18

Hi Earnest,
We too have this initiative in Uganda. I was lucky to have witnessed two events in the one year I am living there. I believe in this endeavor, it promotes equality and challenges stereotype.
Keep this up and continue to support the #SGBV initiatives and change the community.

Good luck and will follow your activities


Edith Ijeh
Jan 26
Jan 26

There is Notting that pleases me more than seeing a man speaks up against gender violence. You are appreciated keep making the world a better place

Felicitas Wung
Feb 11
Feb 11

No to #Rape
No to #Gender Based violence
Continue with your the good works