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Digitally Empower Girls in STEM With Me

What I'm Leading

STEM — science, technology, engineering, and math — are fields for boys.At least, that’s what I believed as a young girl, just as most girls do in Cameroon. But a woman can do the same job that a man does. It’s time to break those glass ceilings and make it easier for girls to take on male jobs.

I’m proof that it’s possible! I taught in a technical college for 13 years, where I saw how wide the gender gap is in STEM. In 2010 I created the Center for Youth Education and Economic Development, where I run programs to train and mentor girls in basic programming and other digital skills.

I am dedicated to inspiring girls early on so they know STEM is for them too.

Who I'm Impacting

2,000 girls and 500 women in the next 2 years.

How to Get Involved

My Updates

Speaking engaments: Digital Rights advocacy in times of crisis. May 06 My Big Audacious Passion Project entitled #GiftFromMum project Jan 11 I attended a Workshop for Violent Extremism stakeholders for Peace Storytellers on Wednesday, November 14, at the U.S. Embassy Yaounde. Nov 18, 2018 Inmate ICT trainees prayed for me Nov 02, 2018 E -Mentoring Session during the STEM Holiday Boot Camp at CYEED. Sep 04, 2018 Our Inmates at Bamenda prison have become productive! Aug 07, 2018 I have become a Digital Rights Advocate for Cameroon. Jul 21, 2018 The First Phase of ICT training for our inmates ended with a ceremony. May 10, 2018 My project expands to our inmates at the Bamenda Central Prison Feb 28, 2018 I am one of the honored heroines showcased for my work in the Digital Field in Cameroon. Feb 22, 2018 Technovation Bamenda Launch workshop Dec 18, 2017 We participated in the first ever Career Fair in Bamenda Dec 01, 2017 A STEM Advocate and Trainer as Guest on a TV Cooking Show! Nov 06, 2017 More Exciting News about the Impact of “Bring a Girl to STEM” Sep 14, 2017 Expanding my Project and Reaching Out to Girls in the South West Region of Cameroon. Aug 11, 2017 My Campaign is Opening Doors for Collaboration Jul 08, 2017 Part 6: Thinking Globally and Building Locally using my Video. Jul 02, 2017 Part 5: STEM Mentoring Program: “#STEMingUp a Sister” to Create a Smoother Path for our Future Techies. Jun 14, 2017 Feedback about the Amazing Impact of my Online and Offline Digital Action Campaign Jun 06, 2017 Part 4: Amplifying my Campaign on Local Radio Station to cause a Ripple Effect. May 30, 2017 Part 3: Building a Culture of Peer Education and Role Modelling. May 20, 2017 Part 2: Launching the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Championship 2017 at CYEED training center. May 20, 2017 Part 1: Creating a Platform to Connect, Share and Celebrate our Talents May 20, 2017


About Me

Sophie is very passionate about technology innovations. She has been teaching in a Technical College for 13 years. She is a TechWomen 2014 fellow, Africa community Leader and a Grace Hopper Scholar 2016. She is a Technovation Challenge Reg Amb; Her Story Matters Regional Ambassador and the Women TechMakers Lead of GDG Bamenda, Cameroon. She founded in 2010 a youth vocational technical training and entrepreneurship development center called CYEED

Recently completed a post graduate program in Water Resources Management in the University of Dschang (FASA).

She strives to create sustainable and accessible technology-based solutions for undeserved communities and engaged in finding new approaches to face challenges in her community.

She is actively engaged in motivating girls’ interest in STEM by providing digital hands-on skills for young women in her community.

My Vision

Building a society where women are secured via strong engagement in productive and sustainable activities in STEM fields.


Equipment and material : computers, laptops, tablets, tables & chairs, internet credit, projector & white board, flip chart and stand. .


CYEED has a computer lab and one teacher. I can offer training in MOS applications, MIT App Inventor and Scratch programming languages.


Economic PowerEducation EqualityEmpowering GirlsGender-based ViolenceHuman Rights for WomenWomen and the EnvironmentWomen in LeadershipWomen in TechnologyWomen's Health



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