Initiative Update

Part 6: Thinking Globally and Building Locally using my Video.

Sophie Ngassa
Posted July 2, 2017 from Cameroon

Today I am launching a very important and inspiring part of my campaign. It is an online activity on social media and offline at CYEED digital training center that will amplify my project worldwide.

By launching the “Bring a Girl to STEM” campaign I have raised curiosity in Cameroon about the STEM programs at CYEED. I am very delighted to see parents very anxious to come discover what we offer during our trainings especially after following us on local radio station.

I have been visiting social groups of women in my community to talk about the opportunities of girls pursuing STEM education, in addition to my social media campaign and radio program. So far, I have successfully sensitized more than 10,000 Cameroonians. I have also come to realize that using videos and images on social media is the fastest and most effective way to reach a wider audience in a short time.

Presently, more than 30 children are taking a starring role at CYEED, busting stereotypes with STEM skills and innovative projects. #STEM4Girls

Digital Action Campaign Video

The video titled ‘RISE and SHINE” is our next big step to reach a wider audience. It aims to increase my visibility that will capture the attention of companies that might be interested in becoming partners, sponsors, funders, etc. This will enable us to widen our reach to recruit students and mentors that will enable us to replicate the program in other towns in Cameroon.

This part of my Digital Action Campaign has a focused audience on parents, female mentors, teenage girls, other university students, companies and funding agencies.

The campaign will focus on attracting the target group to the Bring a Girl to STEM eventswhere parents and children can explore the tech world without any fear of judgment. #Mentors4Change

The STEM programs will give girls the advantage to participate in Tech world competitions such as Google Code In, Technovation, MOS championship etc.

This video highlights places where girls should not be, and showcases success stories from girls in STEM. The video has 3 sections:

1. Current scenario: where girls should not be.

2. Where girls need to be including photos of past winners of world championships.

3. Call to action slide inviting parents to register their daughters for free at “Tech Universe” to gain STEM skills with the assistance of female mentors who are excited to support the girls during this training to realize a project.

The ultimate goal of my campaign is to increase the numbers of girl students choosing and staying in STEM fields by: increasing their knowledge and interest in STEM careers; developing their self-confidence; making their innovation and creativity potential explode.

This video is live on you U Tube and you are invited to share it in all your networks as I hope to capture global visibility. We anticipate to reach about 1 million people both on line on social media and off line at Community Halls and social gatherings.

It is worth sharing that nowadays there is a growing consciousness of STEM education as a top priority for a government growing the economy.

The video will stimulate parents to register their daughters for the STEM programs. The girls that will attend the STEM programs will become very motivated to develop their passion for STEM early on and to opt for STEM education in their different schools.

I am on a mission to eliminate the gender disparities that are greatest in STEM fields that have two prominent qualities. The first is a perceived masculine culture and the second is a lack of course experience before college.

Finally I look forward to become a repository for Cameroon’s success stories for girls in tech and to be at the fore front of promoting STEM education for girls.

Join my campaign, help us reach our goal by sharing this video widely in all your networks. Stay tuned for more updates! Thank you.

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Hafsa Yurizaa Zakaria
Jul 03, 2017
Jul 03, 2017

I am so much interested in your campaign theme and wish to be part ...

I wish you well 



Sophie Ngassa
Jul 05, 2017
Jul 05, 2017

Hello Hafsat, thanks for your interest, yes you can join me now. First you may share the video in your networks, then you send me a message inbox Thanks.

Tamarack Verrall
Jul 07, 2017
Jul 07, 2017

Dear Ngassa,

What a wonderful campaign. You are touching so many girls' lives. The video is spectacular, all the best with your important, life changing work.

In sisterhood,


Sophie Ngassa
Jul 08, 2017
Jul 08, 2017

Dear Tam, Thanks a lot for your nice comment. I am happy the my campaign is expanding rapidly as a result of collaborating with other organisations.I hope hope that the video will reach the widest audience possible. Cheers!