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Help Girls to be Engineers With Me

What I'm Leading

The project will focus on the girls, women and men. It will be conducted in a village around the charity school where girls are going.

Girls in the campaign area are missing the opportunity for grabbing the better education even though they have the supporters because of their parents’ insufficient knowledge and not knowing about the possibilities. In order to show them possibilities for their better future through better education.

Before the campaign, girls and I will prepare questionnaires to interview girls letting them talk about their dream of becoming an engineer and to interview parents or guardians to know about their expectation and challenges and let them see the possibilities of overcoming the challenges for their daughters’ better future. Then the girls will go around the community for the interviews.

Who I'm Impacting

50 girls, 200 parents in 2- year

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About Me

Dear World Pulse
I am a teacher from Burma and this is my second time to during three days this week. Last Thursday I tried to join your group and I finished up to this step. However , since this is my first registration online without a supervisor and I couldn't go to next step because of technical problem.I wrote about my problem to you through this website and I was waiting for your reply. Since I haven't seen any reply , I try this second effort and I hope this will not reject my application.
Please let me try for second time before it is too late. As I mentioned above, I am a teacher from Burma and I have teaching English for more than ten years from the beginner from to the higher intermediate level among children and adults.I have working mostly part time jobs and I have also been doing voluntary teaching. When I teach I love encouraging my students doing discussions for finding causes , effects and solutions to let them be aware of several issues. Although I thought II would be a teacher forever, I became a logistician with MSF Switzerland for one year during Nargis emergency project.Because strongly believed that was necessary to participate in such situation. After the project was terminated I went back into my teaching field to continue my life time job, I suppose.
I am very interested in humanitarian activities and international relations . Therefore , I have visited some camps to cheer them up and help them.And I have been attending Diploma in International Relations at Yangon University and I have been aware of several issues through my lessons and I am very keen on finding solutions sooner or later. When I found out about this training program, I felt great to get more ideas for gaining achievements.I will cross my fingers for my application.

I am looking forward to your reply.

Yours Sincerely

Teaching, reading and finding new ideas To astablish a social enterprise for women income grneration Teaching

My Vision

Building a happier and farier community