how to assure people of you mental health

Nicole reid
Posted March 27, 2019 from Australia

something only you can perceive.

For many years i had a sever mental illness from my past as a child. in many ways i thought nothing was wrong and that i was unaffected. when i turned 24 years old i was first admitted into the acute psychiatric hospital. there would be 10 more admissions in to the psychiatric hospital. i had no hope and no therapies offed to me. when i was about 29 years old i had a child whom was placed into foster care system due to my mental heath issues. i battled for 2 years to convince others that my mental health is better and will not effect mt child welfare . i had work on my issues for over 3 years on my own even know the lead psychiatrist where not convinced and i had not had any treatment for gender dysphoria  that was deemd to be life threatening. i had surgery effectually changing my life my sadness and depression that i thought that would never end it was all was constant but still i have trouble of proving my sate of mind to people

my child could possible go into  foster care where i will only see her 3 times a year so now i share my story with you in the chance that it helps you as well 

by Nicole Reid  

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Jill Langhus
Mar 28, 2019
Mar 28, 2019

Hi Nicole,

Thanks for sharing your sad story. I'm sorry that you're still struggling with this. I'm sure it must be very painful. I hope that you are able to keep your child in your care. And, yes, your story will help inspire others to go after what is really important to them.