Is Australian legislation out of touch regarding safety of children

Nicole reid
Posted July 2, 2019 from Australia

In Australia if a person under 18 years old reports abuse of a physical or sexual nature, then a practitioner has an ethical regard to report this abuse to the caregivers. What happens when it's the caregivers causing this abuse our system is set in a way where this abuse can continue or worsen, our current legislation set guidelines where you must prove such is happening if you can't then the state of the secretary can't act. 

I say that if the state of commonwealth changed or worded the scope of the secretary powers to remove children from abuse would be beneficial. It is important to emphasise that members of parliament won't act until a notion has sufficient support for othernembers of parliament. The true question is spreading awareness or gaining support still effective way of creating change in our legal framing 

Tell me what you think about this and what you would do or what your country has in place. 

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Jill Langhus
Jul 03
Jul 03

Hi Nicole,

Thanks for sharing this complex challenge with us and for bringing awareness around it. I'm not sure what they do in these particular situations in Spain, but it definitely seems like the rights of the children should be protected, i.e., if the child doesn't want the caregivers to know about the abuse because they are the cause, then they should have that right, and they should have a place to go that is safe, too. If the children are too young to make the decision to tell the caregivers about the abuse, and they are the perpetrators, Child Protective Services should still intervene and find a safe place for them. Couldn't people that don't agree with this current procedure/law then contact an empathetic, or children support inclined, Parliament member to initiate a change in the law?

Hope you're doing well, and having a great day and week!

Hello, Nicole,

Thank you for giving us information about Australia’s system pertaining to child abuse.

In the Philippines, we have a law called Violence Against Women And Children (VAWC). Any form of violence (physical or sexual) against women and children will be reported to authorities. It doesn’t matter if the caretaker/parent is the abuser or not. They will be put in jail. But it’s not a perfect system either.

It’s heartbreaking that some children ended up dead after being rape or abused. Some children don’t speak out at all.

Thanks for opening a discussion. Hope you are having a great day!

leila Kigha
Jul 11
Jul 11

child abuse is a crime that is punishable.
not too sure of the laws here in Cameroon, so i wont misquote but it is punishable. we have crooked and corrupt systems for sure but we cant stop trying.