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Posted October 3, 2020 from Australia

Analysis of J.K. Rowling essay


On the 10th of June 2020, J.K. Rowling issued a lengthy statement after becoming embroiled and now the recipient of online turmoil regarding J.K. Rowling's online discourse. ‘For at least two years before Maya Forstater J.K. Rowling researched blogs, books, sundry articles by transgender people and the specialist who work in the area of gender identity some of which work in the area of sexual disorders.

Discussing Maya Forstater

Between December 2019 to 2020, J.K. Rowling closely followed a debate surrounding Maya Forstater who is specialized in tax and is also a “self-proclaimed researcher” Forstater made some tweets that she was subsequently fired for. Mrs. Forstater had a consultancy contract with The Centre for Global Development who is a not-for-profit organization. Mrs. Forstater claims she was unfairly targeted for belief and sex discrimination. "I believe that sex is a material reality which should not be conflated with "gender or "gender identity" moreover matters it is important to be able to talk about and take action against violence and discrimination, violence and oppression still affect women and girls because they were born female” (Forstater v CGD Judgement 2019). A study conducted on Transgender and diverse groups residing in Boston Massachusetts out of (n=1292) questioned of these 108 (8.36%) reported a minority sexual orientation they obtained data from 2005 and 2008 from the Boston police department and linked the data back to the adolescent’s address. “Results found that sexual minority youths residing in neighbourhoods with higher rates of LGBT assaults hate crime were more likely to have an increase in suicidal ideation(p=.013) and suicide attempts (p=.006) than those residing in neighbourhoods with lower hate crimes" (Duncan, Hatzenbuehler 2014). 'around 28 percent of male-identifying respondents and 41 percent of female-identifying respondents reported being in a relationship that was abusive' in a similar study conducted by ARCHS found that under a third had been involved in the same-sex relationship were subjected to abuse from there partner. "78 percent of the abuse was psychological and 58 percent involved physical abuse. lesbian were more likely to report having been abused then gay men to report being in abusive same-sex relationships (41% and 20% respectively) 26 percent of the respondents had experienced sexual assault (Campo, Tayton 2015). These reports suggest the men are more likely to get abused and not report it to the police how bad that abuse is it unknown.

Personal autonomy discussing Magdalen Berns

“Months later I committed my crime by following Magdalen Berns who is an immensely brave young lesbian feminist who was bravely fighting a brain tumour" (J.K. Rowling 2020) Mrs. Berns was an advocate for women's rights to refuse to date transgender-identified individuals that have not undergone gender reassignment surgery. No person has the right to be punished unless for personal actions so taken  by them in a court of law, I don't know many Transgender people disagree that you should have the right to refuse to date someone and I think it is fear-mongering tactics to say that all trans people remove your right to refuse to date, someone. Dating and romance should be left in the hands of the individual. Let's face the facts we all have a bias to whom we date.


“My timeline has been bubbling with the acronym Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist (TERF)”(J.K.Rowlling 2020). This term has been given to a broad range of cisgender women ranging from scared mothers of gay children who wanted to transition to escape homophobic bullying through to doctors like Dr. Phansy Lei who allegedly praised conversion therapy as been safe and effective for children same-sex marriage should not be conflated with safe school programs ( most of these ads try scare tactics and often spread false and miss leading stories this in today society take as been fact this video demonstrates my point. A good question to ask is dose supporting trans women erase lesbian identities? Canadian, Australian, and the U.S have signed on to a joint statement titled "Not in our name" condemning the idea of lesbian erasure that has been viewed as anti-transgender. Diva, Curve, Autostraddle, LOTL, Tagg, among others believe that transwomen are women and support “trans people in a community belong” we do not think supporting trans women erases our lesbian identity. Rather we are enriched by trans friend, lovers, parents, children, colleagues, and siblings (Compton 2019) "in the UK the debate around so-called lesbian erasure spilled onto the street with a "get the L out" the disrupted the annual pride parade. The protesters wielded signs that read "Trans activism Erases Lesbians" and then lay down in the streets obstructing the parade (Compton 2019) this is in efforts for reforms to change gender identity requirements in the UK. To think that by supporting some will erase someone’s identity is beyond absurd and has no merit or proof and rather is just a dangerous belief.

Dr. Lisa Littman report

In her years of study Rowling has researched many specialists in the area of gender to write her crime novel book there are a few warning signs for me hearing this one Mrs. Rowling is looking to help people but rather build a character and the world surrounding the individual in the books. So what did Dr. Littman mean how did she analyse the facts and evidence? Dr. Lisa Littman coined the term Rapid onset Gender dysphoria (ROPD) Dr. Littman works as a researcher at Brown University she received intense criticism from some activist who accused her of spreading miss conceptions about transgender people by employing biased methods in response to the criticism PLOS ONE initiated a re-review of Dr. Littman paper according to the statement released by POLOS ONE and Dr. Littman "other than the addition of missing values in table 13 the results section is unchanged in the updated version of the article among other issues with the report. This document may indeed be miss leading and it looks to have miss lead J.K.Rowling research at this point Dr. Littman can not be trusted. Until a new version with correct data and measurements are released (Kay 2019).


J.K.Rowling does not attempt to back her claims up most of the basic research I did confirm her basis as being to the point of absurd and ridiculous. The way her statement is structured leave to reader open to interpterion and often make strawman fallacious why should I believe what was written most of the citations are from well-known celebrity persons who have no experience in the area. It is suitable for what it is and that is a statement with no real credit behind the claims. 

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