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Nicole reid
Posted October 15, 2020 from Australia

Psychology Introduction

Modem video games predominantly feature pixelated first-person shooters, but every once in a while, a new game comes out that thinks outside the box; the focus is to provide an experience like no other. 'creating a compelling game genre and marketing campaign.' "Shooters were one of the first games to capitalize on what psychology now calls Self-Determination-Theory SDT outline what all humans need to motivate and initiate their behavior internally" (Gad 2018). However, what exactly does Battle Royale do so differently that makes players want to return? The premise of this is that 100 players are put on an island where the only one survives. "Think of this as taking a hit book or movie idea and making it into a competitive new invigorating gameplay. Adding modifications into the game, for example, the player story of overcoming all the odds and being the winner of the chicken dinner (or match)" (Gad 2018). The main focus is designing fun and compelling arc that leads into a loop that the player must now learn to survive. Arc and loops in games Trying to understand how the players will experience a game. “given that experiencing s something happens in the brain processes information as well as we account for the limitations of the human brain” (Hodent 2019). As demonstrated in figure 1, the process starts with the perception of input; for example, reading your next objective in the game is as the player processes our senses convey the information. human memory over time is likely to change, but when we learn something, this triggers new synapses in our brain to form and Figure 1 (Hodnet 2019) Simplified diagram showing how the brain processes information. Sometimes new neurons are created or strengthened "everything you do in life builds or helps form strong synapse within the brain (Hodent 2019); player attention humans believe are very good at interpreting. Their surroundings, but in reality, we have minimal resources if we are not able to carefully scan what is happening around us “our attention works like a spotlight we direct our attention to something in particular while we filter out other stimuli” (Hodent 2019) Game theory Let us assume that Sara promises to give $100 to Matt if he can run a mile. In this case, everything depends on Matt. In the end, Matt gets 100 dollars; game theory does not study questions like this one. Instead, game theory studies situations that involve more than one person; for example, in a game of chess players, moves continually influence each other strategy. Not only can games be analyzed by game Theory, imagine two people are in a situation where multiple companies are competing against each other. Lets us say a company sells orange juice just like in a game of chest. One company's decisions will influence the other company to copy. For example, if two players were lower orange juice to $1.00, the other companies will most like follow the comp actions. The player can see, game theory analyses Nicole Reid [Type here] student ID 1021768 2 | P a g e two or more players' actions in situations involving punishments and rewards; keep mind that it is not always possible to always predict player intentions with 100 percent accuracy (One Minute Economics 2016). An academic report on parameters in games As explained by (Hodent 2019), humans have an incredible capacity to acquire new skills and alter their behavior due to their experience. Enhancements in performance are typically narrowly restricted to the parameters of the training. (Green and Bavelier, 2012) research on the brain's ability to grow and even strengthen neurons. The development of real-world training and rehabilitation paradigms limited due to the amount someone can give attention are significant obstacles. For real-world paramitas, ``research over the past decade has shown that training on action videogames produces learning that has transferable skills well beyond the training tasks" (Green and Bavelier, 2012). Research in this field has produced a substantial interest in "rehabilitation to benefit people who have had a stroke or treat amblyopia even for various precision demanding jobs, for example, endoscopic surgery or piloting unmanned aerial drones." Battle Royale An article for IGN describes the battle Royal gaming genre inspired by a Japanese movie titled Battle Royale the movie contained a similar theme of last man standing competition with a shrinking play zone that also incidentally based on a novel by Koushun Takami published in 1999 followed by a Manga series. “The game starts with 3-5 players where each match begins with a timer set to expire and a circle Visible on the map begins to shrink the safety zones reducers players start with low Armor some or no weapons while staying in the safety zone”( Ullal, R., 2019) players are given one live with no respawn the player can end up in a temporary state of death whilst waiting for a teammate to revive them, " the mysterious nature of the starting point item/perk placements and appearance of shrinking safe zones circles allow for players to think on their feet and tweak their strategies constantly. Why are Battle royal games so satisfying? According to (Rogelio E. Cardona Rivera) professor of entertainment arts at the University of Utah, Battle Royale games "satisfy a number of our psychological needs as seen in all of them. “In figure 2 is a sample of a pyramid at the bottom of the pyramid are basic needs being food, water, self-esteem, power, recognition, and prestige people can only reach the top of the pyramid once the lower levels have been satisfied ”(Gates, C 2018). 'The genre survival game trappings-combat, exploration, resource gathering, mimic the satisfaction you get at the lower stages of the pyramid.'

the untold battle royal games A profile of Battle Royale player

Research conducted in 28 countries found that Battle Royale players 'emerged as very engaged, spending more time playing, watching, and streaming games compared to other competitive titles such as Call of Duty within the same genre" (Meehan 2018). The data focuses on gamers aged 10-65 years old across 16 countries in North America, Europe, and Latin America. The study found that approximately 50% of gamers across 16 countries are core competitive games versus 19% who play Battle Royale games. There were some overlaps between battle royal and other competitive titles." The result of the study found that Battle Royale players are more engaged gamers spending more massive amounts of time gaming on both console and PC; just over 40% of battle Royale player play console games three or more times a week versus 29% of Competitive game titles over Battle royale players are 30% more likely to spend six hours or more per week compared to the 25% in the other Competitive titles(Meehan 2018). The hook Save the world is invaded by monsters; the players and your team must work as one to prevail. There is a vast amount of chest to loot, weapons to collect, and a destructible world. "No two games are apart" you can build massive forts, craft weapons, and level up your hero watch trailer ( people can buy special expansion packs for the hero in the game, the hero the game makes a lot of it profit from encouraging players to buy items even experience points that will help the player level up faster YouTube Fortnight battle royal review by a gamer For a long development game for a horde-based shooter but something as conspicuous and quickly released, the addition of battle royal seems to be a mode to capitalize on a trend. However, its simple building system and loose shooting mechanics only set it apart from other games built on the same premise. The game works exceptionally well to make a chaotic and surprisingly deep deathmatch. Everything about fortnight starts with a light-hearted nature. Everyone jumps out of a party bus that flies across the map; weapons, maps, and health items litter the zones. the player lands in Towns with silly names, tomato city silly towers, to name a few; even enemies do not die; they get teleported out of the game but do not let that first impression fool individual. The further you get into a match, the more you have to see how fortnight complex elements have to be used in complex ways to a fortnight is a streamline building system and a snappy grip based layout and intuitive control system you need to lean. (2020)

Fox news tv report

Today we are talking about a little-known game that parents may never have heard of, but children have today. We talk about a fortnight this action pack survival of the fittest. Engaging video is scoring big time "the latest figure sees upward of 45 million people playing fortnight that is more than Canada's entire population. Fortnight as pro leagues like the Boston red sox playing between travel to events. However, kids play too. One mother is frustrated with her daughter obsessed with and addictive pastime while she is playing, her and her friends get so involved in the game and catch up that if they lose or they do not have enough V-bucks to spend, it becomes a fighting match and she gets a little loud her ten years old and younger friends play it as well. Child psychologist Dr. Paul Whyte says that health care prescribes parents set manageable times and health limits. It has much violence but it cartoon violence there are significant mental health effects can occur with excessive violent game plays like increase aggression the fast gameplay can also lead to overworked hand and ligament wrist pin mainly around the wrist red Sox pitcher David Price gave up a fortnight after he informed that he mild carpal tunnel syndrome could be linked to it fortnight could be linked to it. An orthopedic surgeon says taking regular breaks can help prevent injury.

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Oct 16, 2020
Oct 16, 2020

Hi Nicole,

How are you doing? Thanks for doing this research and sharing it.

Karen Quiñones-Axalan
Oct 27, 2020
Oct 27, 2020

Hello, Nicole,

How are you doing? While I was scanning TED Talks, I watched videos by Jane McGonigal on how gaming can increase 10 years of our life and she recommends we play games at least 30 minutes a day. I wonder if you also play games.

I think women should also explore this multi-billion industry and speak out on gaming spaces because usually the gaming world is populated by men, and there are cases of abuse or bullying on women there. Thank you for sharing this topic with us. If this is something you are passionate about, please keep writing more.

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Hi Nicole,

Thank you for the research and sharing. Interesting read!