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Nicole Joseph-Chin
Posted June 28, 2017
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Growing up and staying "human" amidst the rush and pulse of the daily rigors is as hard as trying to swallow thegiant pit of a giant fruit.

I discovered that there are many ways to swallow the pit and the easiest way might be to cut it into small pieces and it's also probably even better if it can be shared.

But why share a giant pit, when the fruit could taste better?

Because life is not perfect nor are we, but how we share the journey, can bring so many lovely memories, rewards and experiences.

I am by no means perfect, nor did I subscribe to any of the best perfection models that say we cannot make mistakes, be silly or learn from a really bad mistake we made along the way.

But my hugest love is learning about people and about how we connect, survive our connections and stay connected if we chose to. I'm also learning more about love, connectivity and emotional overloads that can harm orhurt us. It's all about the ways we connect....so I'm on the learning path - continuously, learning and unlearning love of food, places, scenes, sites and people. Getting it right after a few tries.

Nothing is etched in any manual that says we must stay connected by our hearts,heads or hips, but there's some validity in meeting, connecting and staying together if there's something in common.....purpose, mindsets, personality, wanting to learn more about each other, or maybe we just truly have an affinity towards each other. But the golden rule, is that we are not joined at the hip, so we can feel free and know when it is fair to say "goodbye".

Saying goodbye can be a healthy response evento a healthy engagement, it could be that the specific part of thejourney was meant to be a hitchhike with many "on board" or it can mean you're stopping to drop off some of the "extras" that screamed too much on the journey.

Know that being "human" has to be the best way to resist the fear of being caught in something that can make you anything other than yourself.

I recently had the most magical experience of going on a visit to a country where I had a network of friends who had many things in common with me. It was one of those magical experiences that tell you, the world can be fueled by trust, loyalty and a little bit of "give"with few or no "takes".

So all I did, was reach out and say I'd be there for a few days on a short visit.

The outpouring of sharing, love and time to spare for meeting up was resounding and it was one of the most incredible feelings of security that one could ever have.

For over ten days, my community of friends and leaders from diverse walks of life and missions, stopped what they were doing and tirelessly, genuinely and purposefully made the time to sit for dinner, lunch, breakfast or just laughter. Whilst some opened their doors and dining tables to me, others opened their entire families and made me feel almost tempted to stay. But such is the nature of being human, even when we are flawed with the highest of imperfections and are willing to awkwardly navigate our truths by staying on our paths of keeping at being better.

The way we want to be treated has to start with the way we treat others. For exactly ten days, I was treated beyond the normal way that one might even consider as Royal treatment. I was almost the Monarchy from the way new and not so new friends welcomed this formation of cells, blood and emotions that I call "myself"

After such an outpouring of unconditional and non-judgmental love and willingness to participate in a community with no terms and conditions and no personal fears, it was almost as if the world was saying to me, "I told you so" but I had already known, when we open up to possibilities and beautifully knitted blankets of humanity, we can only expect to feel warm,secure and reassured, that it is a beautiful world. And what's even more beautiful, is that I'm always going to continue working on my "imperfections" because I make thetime to learn.

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Jill Langhus
Jun 29, 2017
Jun 29, 2017

Hi Nicole. Thanks for sharing your beautiful story about humanity:-) You must be attracting in the best connections and experiences... good job!

Nicole Joseph-Chin
Jun 29, 2017
Jun 29, 2017

Thank you for sharing your joy of reading. There are genuinely, sincerely, truthfully caring human beings who demonstrate love beyond measure and they walk this earth today. I am part of an amazing community and I feel humbled and grateful.

Jill Langhus
Jun 30, 2017
Jun 30, 2017

You're welcome. It's inspiring. So awesome:) Looking forward to more stories from you... Have a great day!