Posted October 10, 2012 from United States

Hello Everyone,

I have been responding a lot to women from the DRC who write their testimonials in French, and I was wondering if there is any translation system set up so they can understand the responses. I asked Scott, and he gave me this helpful response:

"Actually, we do not have translators for the comments, other than the Google Translate feature. The women in eastern DRC are aware of this feature and are using it to read the comments and engage with the rest of the community. Yes, you can post in plain English language to ensure it's easier to translate through Google... a lot can be lost, but it's the best solution we've found so far."

Just something to keep in mind when commenting. With this knowledge I am making an effort not to use language that is too complicated, or English-specific metaphors, etc.

Hope you are all finding this experience as illuminating as I am!

Best, Nicole

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