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About Me

Olanike Adesanya, (B.ED, MPA, MNIM)
53years old and a native of Ibodi, in Atakumosa West Loca Government, Osun State of Nigeria.
Starting from my Community, moving across the State and the Country, I educate, sensitise and empower Girls at their teenage and shortly before they become adult, get married and independent.
Doing so, the average Girlchild is independent, think rightly, busy, engaged and functional.
This, I believe, would go a long way to curbbing Domestic Violence.
I strongly believe that it is, Increased Dropout rates among the Girls, Poor Economic status and Illiteracy among the youths that have contributed greatly to the high level of Domestic Violence.
If every Girl knows her right, seek same, is given opportunity to qualitative education and Skills, she is bound to Excel in her Profession and Vocation, this will take toll on reduced Domestic Violence and it's eradication.
I try to encourage all Female Students, that;
*No Girlchild Must Dropout*.

My Vision

My Vision is
To See every Girlchild Remains in Track.
Propagate: No Girlchild Must Dropout. (NGMD) .
Ensure Equity among Children.


Assistance and Aids to reach out to Female Students; to help the indigent among female students; be in school, learn and start a trade.


Being an Author has helped me to reach out to Girls (and boys), through my Books, that are based on: A child is a child, Boy or Girl. Equity


Education EqualityEmpowering Girls