Olanike Adesanya
Posted August 2, 2021 from Nigeria

That's exactly what I do. 

I herald it to all Teen-age Persons that what is hidden behind figure 6 is more than 7. Bright and good Futures don't just happen to people, they come by Design and popular demand, not by mere chance, in most cases. 

The carefree too can have good Future, yeah, after the diligent have had the BEST. 

Work out your Future right from now, before you begin to tell story that touches tomorrow. 

If you tomorrow would be greater than today, begin to dream good dreams. Be focused like Joseph did, and with fear of God, he beat all odds. Sold, laboured, tempted, lied against, jailed, forgotten but he kept dreaming till he was found, and Crowned. 

Be on your lane. 

Don't dropout. 



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Aug 02
Aug 02

Lovely sister Olanike and very well said. "Play your harp little David". I love that story. Thank you for this reminder and thank you for working with our youth and for teaching them to persevere! God bless and much love to you dear sister.

Olanike Adesanya
Aug 05
Aug 05

Thanks Sis.
Much❤️ .

Beth Lacey
Aug 09
Aug 09

NGMD, yes! Keep sharing your uplifting message

Kika Katchunga
Aug 16
Aug 16

Hello my sister Olanike;

Great job my sister; thank you for sharing with us
good luck in your projects