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About Me

Introducing myself, I am trained in Psychology, Human Rights Law, creative writing and the Liberal Arts including Music and Photography. I have volunteered/worked with different social organizations.

My first book “Imagine…A Better World…” was blessed by Nobel Laureate Prof.Amartya Sen and my 2nd book “Peace Loving Nations” was fore worded by Dr.Asghar Ali Engineer, Alternate Nobel Laureate, Stockholm, Sweden, Dec 2004. My books of fiction include “An American Boy” (2010 publication), “Jesus In Our Time” and “Utopia (A Collection of Short Stories)” both 2013 publications (date of release: Feb 25, 2013). I have also published a book from LAP LAMBERT, Germany, and some poetry from the UK Poetry Library as well as a photograph “Developing World” from Ottawa, Canada.

I am a Bharat Excellence Awardee (2011, New Delhi) and a Karmaveer Chakra Awardee (2012, New Delhi).
I currently work as acting ambassador to Catherine of Siena Virtual College, Ohio in India.

Of late, I have turned a spiritual seeker following an intensely powerful life struggle.
I live and work in Jamshedpur, INDIA.

Music,Writing,Photography,Humanitarian and Spiritual Work. An intensely powerful emotional and physical struggle which has restricted my travel. Psychology,Human Rights Law,Citizen Journalism.

My Vision

A Happier Planet free of hunger,inequality,famine and mindless material consumption taking away from our natural resources and less carbon emissions.