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About Me

Nina K Naturals LLC is more than a hair and skin care line. Nina is the brand and she is committed to not only encouraging positive self-esteem but her disposition and life work is off-set healing to the broken. She is an Author, a mother, daughter, a motivator and humanitarian. Her book is a tell-all about her struggles to rise from the tragedy she’s endured and how she managed to rise from the ashes and grow from muddy waters to flourish. Through the strengthened faith it helped her moved past the pain and enjoy the pleasure of basking in the light of the sun. This story is truly inspiring and her prayer is that it will encourage those whose endured similar experiences to find solace in faith and the power of forgiveness.
May all that read this story be blessed and thank you for your support

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My Vision

To help in the deliverance and healing process of the abused, broken & hopeless through humanitarianism, incorporate the gospel and love ❤️


Support from the community to help me get my voice heard. Provided opportunities to speak and personalize myself with those in need


Believer of the most high, Writer, author fighter, business owner, mother, nurturer, creative, poet, songstress and achieved an MBA


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