Prevent the spread of COVID-19

Posted March 25, 2020 from Cameroon

The fear that comes with this deadly pandemic scares us all. But rather of being afraid, brave yourselves and stay safe.

We should not only protect ourselves from contacting the virus, rather do our best not to further spread it  

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Mar 25
Mar 25

Welcome to World Pulse Nkengbeza.

How are you this time of covid-19? What specific precaution you are doing to protect yourselves from this virus?

Mar 25
Mar 25

Hello maeann,
Thank you for the warm welcome.
Well I am doing fine at the moment and thank you for checking.
The only thing i am doing to keep myself safe during this period is to follow the instructions given by health personnel and the government.
1. I stay home.
2. Even if i go out, I make sure I wash my hands well with soap and water.
3. I rob my hands with sanitizer
4. If coughing or sneezing, I do that in my elbow.
5. I do not use the lift, I go by the stair case, and try not to touch the handles.
6. Keep my distance from people if i go out.

Hope these help some of us to keep safe too!

Jill Langhus
Mar 27
Mar 27

Hi Justine,

Welcome to World Pulse:-) Thanks for sharing your thoughts and advice. I hope you and your family are safe?! I'm looking forward to hearing about what your passionate about and what your goals are.

Please note that if you would like a commentator to be aware of your comment, you will want to use the back arrow under the comment. That way the commentator will get an automated email notification alerting them to your response, otherwise they won't know unless they come back to this page.

Hope you have a good, safe day and weekend.

Mar 27
Mar 27

Hello Jill,

Hope you are doing well too!
Thank you for the tip on commenting.
As for my passion, I am a humanitarian, a social activist and a feminist too. Seeing people smile with fulfilment makes me happy and fulfilled too. Much is seen through my works and commitment in my organisation.
Will love to share the link with you once the site is updated.

Many thanks and regards,

Jill Langhus
Mar 27
Mar 27

Hello there:-)

Yes, thank you!

You're very welcome. I'm glad it's helpful:-)

Wonderful! That's great to hear. What is your NGO, dear? I would love to hear more about it. Do you have social link(s)?

Hello, Nkengbeza,

Welcome to World Pulse! What a joy that a new voice from Cameroon is rising up!

Yes, let us all do our share to end this pandemic. Please continue to wrtie your thoughts and updates here. We are looking forward to it. God bless!

Mar 31
Mar 31

Hello Karen,
Thank you so much and hope you are doing well!
We continue to our best!
Sending love to you!