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About Me

I am a woman that loves tourism, adventure. I love making friends, meeting new people.

I have special love and value for humanity irrespective of race, culture, religion and gender. I am also a bold woman. I always pour out my feelings no matter the situation and am also good at speaking out for people. I always want to take the lead by showing good example. Humble but dont yield to intimadation. I am an IT person by proffession and currently working in a health insurance scheme as an Admin(Manager). I love to encourage people to face challenges without fear and with that victory is sure....because, No Cross! No Crown! I love interacting with people...And dats why I love this platform so much because, its a good avenue to meet with people of different background and culture. Hope you will enjoy my stay here! Catch youuuu!

My Vision

A world where women will be free from violence, corruption, sexual harrrasment, marginalization. A future where men and women will leave in a serene atmosphere without fear of the unknown. A time when women will be given the chance always both in decision making. A world where women will be loved and encouraged to take bold steps in doing greater things both in education and empowerment to reduce poverty in all its course. Thereby, giving us a happy and healthy tommorrow. Remember, To Train A Woman Is To Train A Nation.


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