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Nnenna Hannah okoh-Metu
Posted April 29, 2013 from Nigeria

Rape is perhaps an under-reported crime in all schools across the country and in the Nigerian society in general. If the incident had occurred in a village school in the middle of nowhere, or away from the school premises in the house of the schoolteacher, where no one would listen to the girl's cries, it would have most likely gone unreported. There are many young girls out there who have been defiled by male teachers who lure them to dark corners, or to their homes. Out of fear or shame or a combination of both, the girls keep quiet forever, but the psychological scar remains. In co-ed schools, the villain may not necessarily be the male teacher, but the male student or a gang of male students who have formed a habit of raping their pretty female colleagues. Married women are not spared. They are subjected to all kinds of irresponsible compliments on their looks and dressing. For example, "Madam, your husband must be enjoying oh!" (Enjoying what?). Or "Madam, you don't look bad at all, you don't look like you have been to the maternity ward" (So?). Or "Madam, I hope your husband appreciates what he has" (What if he doesn't?). Or "Madam, if you were not married, I would have given everything to be your husband" (Now that she is, what are you going to do, commit suicide?). Young girls are particularly vulnerable in the face of this widespread chauvinism. They can be easily overpowered. Poverty, parental negligence and the moral crisis in society have also all combined to make rape so tempting. Besides, rape is stigmatized. Very few women are willing to press charges for rape. No Nigerian policeman would take such a case seriously. The woman is likely to be asked to go and settle with her husband. It is for this same reason that bigamy is a dead law in our country. Rape is equally difficult to prove in a court of law, the processes and requirements are humiliating for the affected woman. The shame of being rape makes the victim silent, and as long as this continues this virus call rape will continue.As a VOF 2013 Applicant, i will feel so so honor to be chosen as one of the voice of the future correspondent, this will enable me to be mentored through by men and women of verse knowledge and this will in turn help in my advocacy against rape.

Girls Transform the World 2013

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