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About Me

I am an American Arab (Palestinian born in the States). I lived in the States for several years but I spent my childhood and teen years in many developing countries. It is an experience that I would not trade. I am now living in an Arab city in Israel with my husband and three children.

Women's issues interest me. I worked for a time in a battered women's shelter as a grant writer, and meeting the women and their children was so interesting. I believe that women have an inner strength which has not yet been tapped into fully, and I think that women working together can really do great things in their communities. I have so many interests (women and children, human rights, and the list goes on and on...........), and I feel that there are so many areas where I can make my mark. It's just a matter of settling down - my mind is always running with many thoughts and dreams at the same time. I think that sometime in the future, I would love to volunteer in a developing country. I love giving of myself, and helping others to better their lives.

However, for now I am a freelance writer, and I truly love what I do, and will not ever stop writing. My work appears in a couple of different newspapers / magazines. Writing is how I am able to express my true self, and gives me a chance to meet interesting people who I would probably not meet otherwise. Although I write about a variety of subjects, my stories about the effects of the occupation of Palestine are closest to my heart. I love to tell the stories of individuals, and how politcal policies or human rights injustices are affecting them. I love to write about regular people, like you or me, who are doing extraordinary things. It interests me much more than writing daily news stories. Living here has taught me so much about my own culture and the political situation, and I am constantly trying to learn more. I hope that through my writing, I have had an impact, however small it may be.

What a nice idea World Pulse is........a nice way for women to share their stories with each other! my kids, writing, reading, music..... so many things my kids!!!!!! writing

My Vision

peace will soon fill our region with a deeper understanding betwen people



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