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About Me

Be part of the disadvantage people think wiser and say no to woman abuse i,am a lady of her word with more power on my body and my economy which helps me to achieve on this world of Warcraft who wants wan to be slaves.
I leave with no secret that kills my mind but find a way of solving them in a good manner.
Natural is my pride that give me the to say Waite peer pressure on thing that can kill and make my life difficult.
I value a person next to me everytime I don't do things for my happiness but I do for someone who has no power to feel comfortable in this world of Warcraft.

My Vision

I wish to have healthy and happy female in body although they have illness in mind but must be happy and healthy ,take back smile to them.


Donors eg financial,items, education and training.


I can put more information in other people and idea if needed , you can contact for advance if needed, cancellation for free .


Economic PowerEmpowering GirlsGender-based ViolenceHuman Rights for WomenWomen and the EnvironmentWomen in LeadershipWomen in TechnologyWomen's Health