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updating my profile, though since I joined we all have evolved...

As I walked life and living my commitment, listening and observing... looking for the best and true solution to really contribute for a good change... together with my own experience and abilities... I founded a small ngo who's name is JAD Co.Productions org: where we support youth, teenagers & women development – creatung real opportunities & facilities for their economic & personal independence. we also collaborate, cooperate and support other organizations, companies & persons related to our organization. Sharing with you my vision where we have to come all together, each one in his own especiality, coming to COoperate and COordinate ourselves to really achieve everyones commitment. Love to read so many of you, and such pleasure the ones we have come to know us, and collaborate... keeping high our faith for a better world. Nuria xxx

My Vision

unity of diversity :: coordination :: cooperation :: development with sense


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