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Cook training for teens at risk - Cuzco, Perú

nuria g. puigarnau
Posted May 1, 2018 from Spain
Cook training for teens at risk

cmj producer - marmalade’s project in Cuzco department , addressed to teenagers at risk, specially teen moms. you will find the story:
for us they are the present & the future... they can influence & determine prosperous & healthy communities.

the needs we cover are to fill the void they have in education & opportunities (we made an intense investigation since 2009).
we will give wide trainings from marmalade production up to management , admin & selling processes.

we have many advantages: the natural abundance of fruits, little equipment investment to start, non perishable product...

our plan, once we get the initial financing for it, we will begin all the different arrangements and move to Cuzco, so we could start the training in 3 / 4 months.
we plan to be selling by the end of the first year.

developed by Jad Co.Productions org...created by nuria g. puigarnau... please contact me for full details.

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we just need to find the initial way for financing, though after we will be sustainable and profitable for all involved and will be able then to finance other projects and causes.

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