nurse Christine
Posted July 2, 2016 from Kenya

Been brought up by my parents was heavenly, I dare not have a reason to complain.That not withstanding, they had conflicts even though they never ended up in physical battles, we were emotionally affected. Our neighbors,constantly fought and till to date remember my parents going over to help calm the situation, but one day they stopped going .....I never knew why yet the fights continued. I later grew up,I longed to have a husband just like my dad!!Calm,humble and collected.When I met the man I believed was god sent, I remember telling God I was going to remain faithful to him no matter what! Things as they will sometimes go,did not end up well.At some point in our lives together we started fighting over issues of financial unfaithfulness, infidelity, and things never got better. Realising I was going to end up in depression,I opted out! No one goes into marriage expecting to run out of it,we all hope that we have happy endings. The journey to single hood is never easy,people will expect you to get over your partner in days or at most in few months.They refuse to understand why you still seem stuck to the person that apparently hurt you so much. They refuse to understand that the pain and bitterness can go on for months,that the journey to healing takes time. At some point those that listened to you no longer want to,they wonder for how long you will linger on the topic/person.They choose to forget that the person in question was part of you. Taking up the responsibility of both parents is challenging,and before one learns to strike a balance, it can weigh you down.From my experience it has taken faith in myself to be able to accomplish and execute my responsibilities well. I lost faith along the way enough times,I tried to seek legal support for my children's upkeep but then I choose to move on with or without the support.I have since healed from my past in a great way!!! Single motherhood,is not a disease, I have refused to entertain speeches from people who want to show me that I cannot prosper as a single mother! Single motherhood is not a disease, I have refused to be reminded every other time that I cannot buy this or that,or I cannot take a holiday to the coast because I have the children to take care of all by myself! Single motherhood is not a disease, I am just as normal and healthy as those in marriage. Whatever the circumstance that lead you to single parent hood,choice,death,divorce or separation,remember you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you!!! I have no intentions of having my children experience less privileges compared to those with both I don't!!!I will go broke for them!!! I will work,I will eat and I will sleep a happy mother because my children are not just mine,but Gods!! I am a mother of two beautiful childen and i am proudly a single mother!


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leila Kigha
Jul 03, 2016
Jul 03, 2016

Wohooo nurse Christine!

Thank you for such an inspiring writeup.

Your story echos that of many women here in Africa who are stigmatised because of their marital status, coupled with being single parents.

I love the way you put it. Being single is not a disease! With Christ like you said, you are your children can live balanced and fulfillin lives.

May your voice and story echo and affect many in similar situations.

Please share some more with us. 


nurse Christine
Jul 03, 2016
Jul 03, 2016

Thank you so much Kariz, humbled.I wish I would stand up for every single mom,if only I knew how!!!!