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About Me

Hello people! Hello women of Strength and courage!
If there is any platform that I've searched for all my life would be pulse, an opportunity to showcase my reviews and critics of work of art. Writing is really a passion I've been pursuing for some years and through that I wish to write powerful messages that would transcend the boarders to Nigeria to strong and resilient women out there that have sacrificed so much for their families, communities and societies. It is through this platform that I will be able to inspire women and girls to share their stories even more.
My journey has been journalism for about 6years now narrating stories of women in technology especially alongside children matters and presenting discussions of experts in this key areas that are exceptionally demanding.
Some of the most critical issues that I face is not having a platform the would acknowledge the kind of write ups I do and in ability to get access to international counterparts.

My Vision

To be a prolific writer that would be strong enough to inspire youths around the world!


I may not be the best writer,but I envision a successul future of my career through the support of this community with comments and critics.


Writing, research and reviews are my most priced skillsin addition to exceptional competencies in journalism that I would use to help women.


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