A LADY OF INSPIRATION Mohini Kamwani My story is our story the story of every woman

nusrat yaqub
Posted September 21, 2012 from Pakistan

This lady is really a strong inspiration 77 years old Mohini Kamwani was jailed for the act she never committed she is poor but brave mentally and emotionally ,lost her 34 years old son and daughter doing suicide still bravely standing up against the corrupt system ,she is here with us on world pulse please boast up her moral http://worldpulse.com/user/12486

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Mohini Kamwani
Oct 28, 2012
Oct 28, 2012

nusrat.yaqub......u not 2 benefit from this Help...u r doing this for Helping a Poor Widow...mark my words...GOD shall REWARD u wid FULL PROSPERITY NAME FAME for ur Family for Helping a Poor Widow...Blessings of Poor Widow