Posted January 1, 2021 from Nigeria

I Nominate A mentor for world pulse spirit Award like No other :keturah Shammah. I came encounter with keturah during my service year, I was posted with (GEM) Girls Education Mission International,without her I wouldn't have known about world pulse or have an idea of world pulse, she someone who possesses a friendly spirit and passionate about girls.Keturah is someone who embodies the essence of world pulse spirit Award. She is a focused and disciplined person. She is someone who can make a difference, she is a connector she connect me with various course online for me to empower myself on digital world. She someone who ensures that things are going well with girls education more especially those who have dropped out of school and has no hope of going back to school she encouraged them to always speak #IamPossible. She is trusted, dedicated, persuasive, resourceful, persevering, positive, generous, inspirational, passionate, enthusiastic, sympathetic, supportive, vibrant, diligent, in her work. She is not trustworthy but a reliable person. And that is why I call her a mentor, mother, coach, teacher, sister and a friend. She is work all through the day to ensure her dreams come true. She is not just a mentor she a role model. I'm passionate about (GEM) Girls Education Mission International and I really enjoyed working with her. 


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Tamarack Verrall
Jan 01, 2021
Jan 01, 2021

Hello Nyemu,
What is so wonderful about these calls for nominations and we get to meet and hear from women who have met World Pulse sisters in person, and are now with us here in World Pulse, too. What a beautiful description of who Keturah is. Everything you have said about her shows such deep and committed World Pulse Spirit in action. A beautiful nomination for such a deeply committed sister.