gender based violence

nyinawinka charlotte
Posted December 4, 2015 from Democratic Republic of the Congo

my name is charlotte iam president of organisation who is coled voc it mean voice orphans of congo so in congo have more probleme for gender becouse more people ,more culture don't take culture to respect the girls in home,chuch, and ather team so reason why we can take more forte to change their bad culture, is strugle to see their violente more young girls is maried under 16 year old becouse their bad culture no like their mariage is big probleme, more girls their don't go to school becouse their bad culture,more girls he can do bad work, it conseder the good work is by boys , in meeting there's no one girls leader athers so i have to stand up and to change bad culture into good i can used film,sketch, meeting, and athers but the problem i have more sthreats i hopeng iam goig to chang it thank you so much and grace and peace be for you from God our father

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