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i need your support to my work

nyinawinka charlotte
Posted December 7, 2015 from Democratic Republic of the Congo
Expired on February 5, 2016

inee your support to my work becouse my country have more orphans who has more sthreas : the poverty,lack their parent to support them,no right to their parent,s propperties, lack of one care give them, miss comfidence,ol oness,more worry, so reason why i take decision to help them to their life by using different strategies to change the mind of my community bu using :film documentary of orphanans, can i showing their difficulte for them,the sketch, the meeting, formation, to seach the supporter to helping them , to tell them tobe comfidence in their life, to create some thing to do it, to advice them to not using drug,and prostitution for their life,and to create orphage so i have more problem : the support,financement, the materials:CMPUTER ,CAMERA, AMOUNT OF THE RENT, THE FOOD OF THEIR ORPHANS,THE SCHOOLFEES FOR THEM,THE CLOTHES,ECT..... so i need your support

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