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About Me

My name is NYiRABIZANA Emerance i'm a Congolese woman i'm 27 year older i live at bukavu sound- kivu of DRC but i was born in itombwe my passions is to see the Congolese women change our life and and to prove the world there idea my expertise i want to help women in my community to give them basic education like read write and count because of our culture women is more eliminated a lot of number of Congolese women don't have chance to attend school so i want to help that women to have basic education. i'm photograph and video maker and i want to improve my career,to be a good video maker

My Vision

My vision is to be a leadership woman and a good video maker.


The community can help me to get the material i can use in teaching.


my expertise will support the work of other after women know how to read and write they will share there idea with other women in the world.


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