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Posted March 7, 2019 from Democratic Republic of the Congo

-As we still in Women's week today the women members of Mama Shujaa center discussed a bout the waste management.

-Waste management includes the collection, recovery, transport and disposal of waste, any activity involved in the organization of the management o

-Etymologically, waste has just fallen from the Latin cadere (to fall). The root "dis" expressing the separation and separation according to the law of July 15, 1975, is called waste any residue of a process of production, transformation or use, any material substance, product or any other good, furniture abandoned or its holder intended for abandonment.

In other words, every element that gives up is a waste. This does not mean that this element is unusable.

f waste from their production until their final treatment.

                                       Types of waste.

° Household waste: non-hazardous waste from equine activities produced by companies or industries.

° Toxic waste represents a danger to health and the environment.

° Waste from infectious risk care activities that require special treatment.

° Waste from agricultural activities.

                                   Radio active.

Women can change environment, It can begin with us.


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Jill Langhus
Mar 07
Mar 07

Hi Emerance,

Thanks for sharing your post. Is environmental protection one of your primary passions? I'm quite passionate about it as well, and I hear you! It's a big concern of mine what is going on with waste, climate change, and anything else environmentally related. I think women can change/help the environment, too. Do you have a plan or a project in mind to help make this happen? I would love to hear about it.

Hope you're having a great day, and hope that you have a great IWD, too!

Nyirabizana emerance

Hi jlanghus!!!!!
-I am very happy to know that you are also protecting the environment your concern; it's really my passion. We know that human activity has always contributed to the pollution of our natural environment, but it is also through human activity that we can contribute to the protection of the environment. Women are the most vulnerable when the environment is not protected, our health and that of our children suffers; That's why we believe it is high time for women to get involved in environmental protection through grassroots outreach sessions and decision-making.
- The plan we have is to conduct sensitization at all levels;
- We are also thinking of a project to identify waste disposal sites, training on waste management and a truck for the collection of this waste.

Jill Langhus
Mar 11
Mar 11

Hello dear,

Awesome! We need more environmental advocates. My hubby and I are fierce advocates of recycling everything we possibly can, and disposing of things properly when we cannot. We also like to regularly pick up trash in our village and recycle it. I think every bit helps.

I agree, and I'm optimistic about all the new commitments to protecting and healing the environment as well as all the new developments and inventions that are helping to clean up the ocean, and other areas, too. I feel like a lot of education and protection still needs to occur, however.

Awesome. This sounds like a great initiative! I want to hear more. I do hope you keep us posted on any developments and progress. And, also any ways that we can help out, too!

Good luck to you and your initiative!!!

Obisakin Busayo
Mar 07
Mar 07

Thank you for sharing! Green and clean environment is key and women are change agents

Nyirabizana emerance

Thank you

Theresa Takafuma
Mar 08
Mar 08

Hi Emerance
Thank you for sharing your story. Waste management is an area I once worked on and what you write about here is profound. I have seen women making a living out of waste. Thank you for sharing and continue sparking the dialogue on environmental protection. We owe Mother Earth that.
Love Theresa

Nyirabizana emerance

Hi Therese
Thank you so much. I'm very happy to hear that you have worked to waste management i think you have more experience and i will need your idea for running my project of waste management.
Thank you.