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About Me

Nzasu means a sense of pride.I have a sense of pride because of who I am a woman, where I come from Mama Africa,what I do communicate with the world telling the Kenyan story using the internet.
I seek for more..... telling my story my own way in words,pictures,sounds,graphics,animation anything and everything that the digital world allows me to.Karibu (Welcome in Swahili) to Nzasu's pride!

To expand my horizons of creativity and innovation, using the internet as a new medium of expression and communication. An undeveloped internet infrastructure, and a lack of an understanding by the authorities of the internet and its actual potential! Multimedia,Human computer interaction, and information architechture

My Vision

Its taken the TV 13years to reach a target audience of 50 million people, Its taken the internet 3years to reach a target audience of 50 million people.The internet is the future of communication and self expression!